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What makes Degussa the ideal partner?

When you opt for Degussa, you enjoy the benefits of

Consummate professionalism

Let the people who know all about gold advise you: At Degussa, we have made our passion our profession. Each of our experts is a bona fide specialist in precious metals because this is our only line of business. While others see precious metals trading as a part-time pursuit alongside bonds, funds and insurance, we embrace it as our full-time job.

Convenient ordering and pick-up

Do you wish to buy precious metals? In that case, you can do so directly and conveniently in our online shop. If you prefer, simply arrange to do this in person at one of our showrooms, where we will inform you about our bars at your leisure and keep the most popular bullion coins in stock for you.

Continuous availability

Buy your precious metals where you can pick up your assets any time: Degussa, unlike banks, affords you access to your gold whenever you wish – without banking laws and changes in the small print getting in the way. And we always have enough material in stock so you do not have to wait for delivery even in situations when demand spikes.

High-security storage

If you would rather not keep your gold at home, you can always store it in our high-security safe deposit boxes*. That way your precious metals’ value will increase in a truly safe place. And if you change your mind and decide to take your assets home, you can do so whenever you wish, easily and without a lot of red tape.

Prices updated every five minutes

We know the value of gold and are happy to share this information: Prices are not negotiable; they are determined by the going rate. And we make fair pricing our highest priority rather than merely paying it lip service. Beyond that, we keep you apprised of all market developments that matter to you as a precious metal investor – here on the website and personally via email.

Welcome to the new Degussa website

You have come to the right place. After many years of good experience, we have decided to redesign our website. We are pleased to present you our new website. All services are still available in the same scope.

Your Degussa Goldhandel Team

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