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Paper money is shored up by confidence in the issuing banks’ ability to act wisely and maintain this trust. However, as we all know, such confidence is not only very valuable but also volatile. In times when markets take an extended downturn and governments are at a loss as to how to rejuvenate struggling economies, it pays to think about other values.

Gold is sought after. It is precious and enduring. And it is rare. Unlike bank notes, no one can simply print more of it. And with all this, it meets every requirement for a long-term investment.

This is why Degussa gold bars have become a synonym for permanence. They have survived wars and outlasted social systems, yet their value has remained strong through the years. They are indeed an enduring store of wealth.

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You have come to the right place. After many years of good experience, we have decided to redesign our website. We are pleased to present you our new website. All services are still available in the same scope.

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