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Origin of the gold marketed by DEGUSSA METALES PRECIOSOS S.L.U.

In accordance with the current regulation 2017/821 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2017 establishing due diligence obligations in the supply chain with regard to importers into the Union of tin, tantalum, wolfram, its ores and gold originating from conflict or high-risk areas, Degussa Metales Preciosos, S.L.U. hereby informs you that it is bound by the aforementioned regulation and that it complies with the requirements of the same.

In order to comply with the communication referred to in article 7 of the regulation, we hereby inform you that our products are in compliance with European regulations, with the suppliers of the ingots being our parent company in Switzerland and the suppliers of the coins being the mints and stamps of each country.


We also confirm that we are members of the LBMA organisation, which complies with EU Regulation 2017/821. For this, see the following link of the entity where this aspect is communicated:


In addition, see the following link where the LBMA organisation determines that its members have to comply with the due diligence of the following regulations (including the EU Regulation 2017/821):


Similarly, in relation to the refineries that we operate, which have subscribed as members of the LBMA organisation, there are:



The latest external audit report (LBMA-approved auditor), with a favourable opinion, is available at this link.



Please find here the latest external audit report (LBMA approved auditor), with favourable opinion.


Rand Refinery

In this link you can see the Business Code of Ethics that governs this refinery, where it is detailed that they are linked to and comply with the European supply chain regulations (EU Regulation 2017/821).

On the other hand, and in relation to the mints and stamp mills, the following are the ones we operate with:


The Royal Mint:

Under this link you can find their policy on human trafficking and anti-slavery, in which the supply chain is also mentioned.


Austrian Mint:

Under this link you can find how the Austrian Mint communicates that they are bound by and in compliance with the above mentioned European regulations.


Royal Canadian Mint:

In the link you can find the audit report (auditor approved by the LBMA) concluding that the Royal Canadian Mint complies with the current legislation.


Fábrica Nacional Moneda y Timbre

Under this link the Spanish Mint provides its internal policies regarding the accreditation of suppliers.

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